International Business

International business relationships are an integral part of business models. This also applies to medium-sized businesses. Through our membership in the International Practice Group as well as our long-standing international partnerships, we are able to connect you with competent local specialists worldwide.

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Formation / Acquisition of Subsidiaries / Branches

  • Due Diligence
  • Tax structuring
  • Equity / debt capitalization

Subsidiary Financial Controlling

  • Support with the local preparation / audit of financial statements
  • Assumption of internal audit function
  • Consulting on dividend policy

Audit of Consolidated Financial Statements

  • Coordination with and involvement of local auditors
  • Reporting packages
  • Reconciliation of local financial statements with German law / IFRS

International Tax

  • Clarification on individual cross-border matters
  • International VAT topics
  • Application of double taxation agreements
  • Transfer pricing studies